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IIT Synthesis Report

ITS Synthesis Report
The rapidly increasing vehicle population in India, spurred by the population boom and economic upturn lays a critical burden on traffic management in the metropolitan cities and towns of the country. Economy-induced automobile usage is complicated further by the constant influx of rural population into urban areas, thus making enormous demands on the transportation infrastructure in an overloaded region. The heterogeneity of economy and the physical limit on how much additional infrastructure a city can hold complicate transport management further.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is an established route to resolve, or at least minimize traffic problems. ITS encompass all modes of transportation - air, sea, road and rail, and intersects various components of each mode - vehicles, infrastructure, communication and operational systems. The major objective of ITS is to evaluate, develop, analyse and integrate new sensor, information, and communication technologies and concepts to achieve traffic efficiency, improve environmental quality, save energy, conserve time, and enhance safety and comfort for drivers, pedestrians, and other traffic groups. The adoption of location and information based technologies into vehicles, infrastructure, traffic management and traveler information services have shown dramatic improvements in the safe, and efficient mobility of people and freight in USA, European nations, Japan, Middle East and Canada.
While India has already made a foray into ITS in organizing traffic, more extensive and urgent integration of advanced technology and concepts into mainstream traffic management is imperative. ITS is still in its infancy in India, with decision-makers, key planners and agencies in the process of understanding its potential. A number of prototype ITS projects have been introduced in various cities in India which have focused on isolated deployments of parking information, area-wide signal control, and advanced toll collection. Most of these are single-city based pilot studies. At present, there are only few fully developed ITS applications with traffic management centers in India.
With this background, the report lists why the existing ITS applications which are developed for western countries may not work for Indian conditions and the need to develop separate ITS for traffic conditions such as the one existing in India. Also, the report list out the specific tasks to be accomplished for the successful implementation of ITS under Indian conditions. A detailed discussion of some of the successful ITS implementations around the world is carried out along with the details of the existing ITS implementations in India. The report ends with a list of specific actions required to meet the challenges to ITS in India

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