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June 21, 2010
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Traffic Congestion

Report on Traffic Congestion
This study looked at the various aspects of the implementation and operation of a traffic Archive Data Management System (ADMS) under Indian conditions. As part of this study, similar systems around the world have been identified and reviewed. Their characteristics were studied and a list of best practices commonly followed in the industry was compiled. In proposing the development of an ADMS for Indian conditions, a list of requirements has been proposed. The different types of data, the collection of which would be useful for a host of applications, have been identified. Additionally, detailed information about each of these types of data in terms of the derived data that can be obtained and the granularity of aggregation and potential sources of the data have all been explained. A logical design of the system has been proposed which includes the different components that make up the system. The relationship of each component of the system with the other components and the function of that component in the overall context of the system has also been explained. In addition, an approximate cost estimate for the implementation of the ADMS has been calculated based on the prevailing market prices. Based on the review of other similar systems around the world, a gradual shift in the source of funding for ITS implementation and operations from the government/public sector to the commercial/private sector has been observed. With the ITS technologies reaching a state of maturity, commercial applications have been developed and the private sector has been seen to participate eventually by either providing funding or helping in implementation. A similar environment can be imagined to take shape in India as well, with government funding being the predominant source of funding during the initial stages of research and development followed by interest from the private sector. An ADMS has been identified to be one of the most important components of the ITS ecosystem. Few applications of the ADMS have also been visualized both from a government perspective and from that of private organizations. Irrespective of the source of funding, very useful applications have been identified for the ADMS, the potential benefits being both social and commercial.

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