Indo-US Workshop on Emerging Trends in Intelligent Transportation Systems
An Indo-US workshop on Emerging Trends in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ETITS) sponsored by the Indo-US science and technology forum was conducted by the Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport and the Transportation Division of IIT Madras from 11th to 13th of February, 2010. The workshop attracted eminent speakers from India and USA who had immense experience in this area over the past many years. The workshop was attended by more than 150 delegates from academia, industry and Government. The deliberations at the workshop highlighted the need for low-cost data collection and communication using appropriate technologies, and focus on user needs and requirements for ITS.

Road Safety Audit Training Programs
 Seven training programs on road safety audit were conducted as part of the continuing education activities of the Centre. The participants were engineers of the highways department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu as given below:

1. Chennai – 23 - 24 February 2010 - 28 participants
2. Villupuram – 18-19 March 2010 - 22 participants
3. Tiruchirapalli – 22 – 23 April 2010 - 41 participants
4. Salem – 06 – 07 May 2010 - 33 participants
5. Madurai – 31May – 01 June 2010 - 43 participants
6. Tirunelveli – 03 -04 June 2010 - 29 participants
7. Coimbatore – 21-22 July 2010 - 31 participants

Other Training and Continuing Education Programs Conducted
• Organized Training program on MXROADS for Geometric Design – Aug 2010, 15 participants from the centre
• Participated in training program on urban transportation modeling with Cube – 5 students and 1 faculty from the centre, Aug 30-Sep 1, 2010.
• Participated (1 Project Associate) in training program on Labview software conducted by National Instruments, Aug. 2010.
• Conducted Traffic simulation and Transportation Planning software training for 13 students, Oct.-Nov. 2010.
• Conducted short term course in urban transportation planning and systems at Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, Sep 2010 funded by World Bank
• Delivered Lecture series on sustainable urban transport, Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, Dec. 2010 funded by World Bank.
Lectures/Seminars/Interactions Organized by the Centre
• Dr. Steven Boyle, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming , Optimal information location for adaptive routing, Dec. 28, 2009
• Dr. Laurence Rilett, Director, Transportation Centre, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA, ITS activities in Nebraska. Feb. 9, 2010.
• Mr. Ravi Kumar, Joint Director, Instrumentation and Controls Group, CDAC Thiruvananthapuram, Area Traffic Control Implementation, Feb. 10, 2010.
• Mr. G. Satheesh, Deputy Director, Instrumentation and Controls Group, CDAC Thiruvananthapuram, Data Communication Issues in ITS field implementation, Feb. 10, 2010.
• Mr. K. Kumar, Chief Urban Planner, Chennai Metropolitan Development Administration (CMDA). CMDA’s role in Urban Transport, Mar. 17, 2010.
• Dr. Naveen Eluru, Assistant Professor, McGill University, Copula-based models for analysis of self-selection in Residential Choice Decisions, July 26, 2010
• Deputy Commissioner of Police, South (Traffic) to discuss issues related to ITS implementation in a corridor in Chennai. Aug, 3.2010
• Dr. Sumeeta Srinivasan, Centre for Policy Analysis, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Incorporating Spatial Methods in Travel Models, Aug 20, 2010.
• Commissioner of Corporation, Chennai to discuss issues related to ITS implementation in a corridor in Chennai, Sep. 7, 2010
• Transport Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu to discuss GPS implementation in MTC buses, Nov. 2, 2010
• Visited (1 faculty and 1 project associate) Kritikal labs, Noida, for discussion on video image processing techniques for Indian Traffic, Nov-Dec. 2010.
• Dr. Lavanya Marla, Joint Director, Sustainable Transportation Centre, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Robust Resource Allocation under Uncertainty in Transportation Operations, December 13, 2010
• Dr. Indrajit Ghosh, Research Scholar, Wayne State University, Impacts of Dynamically Activated Emergency vehicle warning sign on Driver Behaviour at Urban Intersections, Web-based Seminar, Jan 8, 2011.