Hardware Equipments

GPS in MTC Buses
clip The global positioning system based navigation provides reliable location and time information in all locations under all weather conditions. GPS data available can be used for surveillance and tracking, making it a very powerful tool for traffic monitoring and forecasting. These will form the basis for probe-vehicle based traffic sensors with data on latitude, longitude, time, speeds etc.Forty units of GPS have been procured.

Bluetooth Receivers
clip Increasing penetration of Bluetooth devices can be used to detect vehicle in which Bluetooth devices have been turned on. This helps in obtaining the number of vehicles with blue tooth, its travel time between two locations and in turn speed with which it is traveling thus making it useful real-time traffic monitoring and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Two units have been procured for experimentation.  
Video Cameras
clip Video cameras can be effectively used for traffic data collection and automatic incident detection. This provides information for determination of parameters such as speeds, counts,headway, etc,. which serve as vital inputs in traffic monitoring and prediction.Two units procured.  
Traficam Collect – R
clip Traficam Collect - R is a virtual loop based video sensor with embedded hardware. Automatic incident detection, traffic data acquisition and intersection management can be made easier with this equipment.  
clip The Infra- Red Traffic Logger is the multi- purpose traffic sensor that can be used as traffic-counter, speed sensor, red light camera sensor, heavy vehicle tracker and over-height vehicle sensor. This has the ability to classify, record speed and record volume for motor vehicles, making it very effective for real time applications such as variable message sign triggering, traffic enforcement and also for data logging.
Wavetronix Smart Sensor
clip This radar based vehicle detection system is used to detect the altitude, direction and speed of moving as well as non-moving objects.

Loop Detector for mixed traffic
clip Loop detectors have been used for detection of vehicles based on the electromagnetic communication and detection. The presence of mixed traffic and lack of lane discipline make it difficult for vehicle detection, but efforts are being made to develop loops for mixed traffic for vehicle detection.
This item is being developed at IIT Madras by an interdisciplinary team on an experimental basis.