Numerous state-of-the-art Software for traffic management, transportation planning evaluation, simulation, modeling and optimization that will form the basis for developing decision support models and tools at the ITS Lab and Traffic Monitoring Centre are being procured. These include:

  The TRAffic Network Study Tool is used to assess and optimize the performance of networks of roads by assigning costs to vehicle stops and delays.

  This is the microscopic simulation program for multi-modal traffic flow modeling, developed by PTV AG, Germany  
  This is a microscopic traffic simulation software package for signal systems, freeway systems or combined signal and freeway systems.  
  The Geographic Information system software for Transportation and Public Transportation Applications. This helps in routing and network optimization and in Four-Step planning process.  
  This is the software package for transportation forecasting. This permits the users to code models for travel demand and travel supply using scripting language making it flexible.
  This supports network planning and traffic operations decisions including evaluation of ITS deployment. This combines dynamic network assignment models and traffic simulation models.
  This is a software used for pavement asset management which includes budget allocation, prioritization of construction and maintenance strategies, network and project level optimization.

  Bentley mxROAD is an advanced, string based modeling tool that enables rapid and accurate design of all road types. Once the design is finalized, most of the detailing can be automated, saving time and money.

  This is a software used for statistical analysis. This includes dealing with the descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, prediction of numerical outcomes, and prediction of identifying groups.
  This is a matrix programming language for mathematics and statistics. The primary purpose of this is solutions to the numerical problems in statistics, econometrics, time- series, optimization and 2D and 3D visualizations. There are also a wide range of toolboxes, such as Constrained Maximum Likelihood, Constrained Optimization, Discrete Choice, etc. which makes it powerful.
  The General Algebraic Modeling System is a high level modeling system for mathematical programming and optimization. This is tailored for complex, large scale modeling applications allowing for building large maintainable models that can adapt quickly to new situations.
  This helps in modeling optimization problems and solving them using the powerful algorithms to produce precise and logical decisions. This improves efficiency, helps implement strategies quickly.
GPS tracking software
  These help in tracking the GPS locations, getting the longitude, latitude and the speed with which it was moving at any given point. It also helps in tracing the path taken by the traveler, thus helping in traffic studies.
  This is a traffic simulation software capable of microscopic, mesoscopic, and macroscopic simulation of traffic flow. AIMSUN also has capabilities for Dynamic Traffic Assignment.
  Dynamic Traffic Assignment software with embedded mesoscopic traffic simulator that determines equilibrium traffic assignment solutions even in large networks.  
MCME (Developed at IIT Madras)
  Data extraction from video has always been a tedious task for transportation engineers. Manual Count Made Easy (MCME) is a powerful tool that can be used for this purpose. It is a graphical user interface which works on the principle of speech recognition.

Download Manual for MCME - MCME User Manual

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